Brand Representative Program

What is a Brand Representative?

A brand representative is an influential individual, who creates more awareness for a product or brand.  A brand representative is an advocate for the aforementioned product or brand in their circles.  

What do Brand Representatives Do? 

Typically, brand representatives are active on social media (Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, etc).  They post about the brand or product, especially when new products are released.  

How do you become a 57 Delta Brand Representative?

Here are some of the things 57 Delta is looking for in brand representatives.  If you're interested in becoming a brand representative. Click here to submit an application to be considered!  To be considered as a rep, you must be 18 years or older or have written parental consent.  


  1. Preferred 2000+ followers on a major social media platform.

  2. Ability to post and keep in contact with 57 Delta's head of marketing.  

  3. Be passionate about 57 Delta.  

  4. Be able to articulate the company's mission and values.  

  5. Be a fun-loving, good person. 


  1. 50% off first purchase with 57 Delta.

  2. Perpetual brand representative discount.

  3. Customized discount code for social media followers.

  4. First look at new products and designs.

If you're interested in becoming a brand representative, please submit an application here.