Who we are

Josh Berry-Sauseda

Marketing, Design,

Josh helps 57 Delta by creating many of the designs featured on our products. Josh also drives our social media presence, and grows our user base through various marketing strategies.  He is responsible for arranging 57 Delta's advertising campaigns from advertisement content to audience metrics.  Josh is currently studying film at Southern Methodist University.  He is also an environmentalist, and an Eagle Scout.

Connor Meloncon

Production, Wholesale,

Connor helps 57 Delta by bringing the designs to life. He is over the printing, quality control, and wholesale for 57 Delta.  From preparing screens for production to curing newly printed shirts, Connor is integral to all of 57 Delta's production activities.  Additionally, he takes photos of products for our website, social media, and marketing campaigns. Connor is attending Brookhaven College with hopes of earning a Bachelor degree in computer science.

Benjamin Moner

Operations, Accounting, Finance

Benjamin "keeps the lights on" at 57 Delta operating by doing day-to-day activities. He manages the purchasing, operations, accounting, and financing of the company.  He organizes the release of new products and the pricing for the corresponding products.  Additionally, he oversees fulfillment of all products.  Benjamin is attending Southern Methodist University where he is studying to earn an undergraduate degree with a concentration in finance.

Emily Hoang

Brand Development,
Creative Direction

Growing up in Dallas, TX with the founders of 57 Delta, Emily's excited to be a new member of the team. Her artistic inclinations have brought her to contributing and expanding the creative vision. On the team, she works with the Marketing Director to help drive the brand to reach areas like the West Coast with new developments in social media and graphics for products. She wants to help build a narrative so that it continues to fulfill the core mission of embracing environmental consciousness.